Miami QiGong

Frequently Asked Questions

Over time, this list may expand.

Q:  What kind of clothes should I wear? / Do I need to buy a uniform?
There is no uniform.  simply wear loose-fitting work-out clothes or flexible
       yoga clothes that allow you freedom of movement.

  Do I need to bring a yoga mat?
A:  Not for a typical Qigong classWe will be standing during the class, so unless you
       feel more comfortable having some padding under your feet, it is not necessary.
       However, if you would like to sit to stretch your legs before or after class, you
       may want a mat for that.  Also, if you are attending a workshop, you will most
       likely need a yoga mat &/or blanket.

Q:  What if I have an injury or chronic condition that prevents me from
        standing for a long time?
So long as we're not on the beach, it's no problem.  You can practice with a chair
       behind you, in case you need to sit down.  Most, if not all of these exercises can    
       be performed sitting on the front 1/4th of your chair.

Q:  What style or lineage of Qigong do you teach?
A:  While I respect the Chinese teachings and traditions, I also respectfully disagree with what
        I perceive as rigid attitudes about qigong traditions and lineages.  I believe rigidly sticking
        to traditions is contradictory to the Taoist philosophy upon which qigong is based.

        I mostly teach Supreme Science Qigong (Levels 1 & 2), which was developed by
        American instructor, Jeff Primack.  Jeff developed his style, after years of
        studying with several Chinese Masters of various lineages, primarily by
        combining the exercises that had the strongest Qi feeling.

        I have also begun teaching a style that I have developed on my own, called
        Sunrise Chi Gong.  Inspired by the sunrise, the waves crashing on the beach, the
        gentle movements of the trees in the wind, and the graceful movements of the
        birds, Sunrise Chi Gong flows through 8 exercises, that gracefully take your body
        through its full range of movement, and align the energy through the Chakras.  While
        admittedly, the Chi feel is not quite as palpable in the hands, it is a bit more of a work-out
        than the Level-1 SSQ Form, and its exercises are less static and more flowing.

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