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Breath Empowerment CD

*35 minutes of Connected Breathing leaves you vibrating and blissed out
*Hyper-Oxygenates the Blood and flushes out blockages within your nervous system
*Sound of Breath to follow is heard behind Jeff's voice guiding you
*Amazing Music and instruction takes you on the ultimate initiation

Attendees at our Qigong events have long said the Breath Empowerment had them vibrating from head to toe. Many say it led to the most tangible experience of spiritual energy inside their body. Other comments include, "I couldn't stop smiling."

This CD was recorded LIVE in Austin Texas from a Breath Empowerment that was given to 600 people. Digitally mastered for home use, the sound of Jeff's breath is heard at just the right level along with his guidance through the process. This CD is powerful enough to bring this experience home for anyone. Many people including teenagers and novice rookies who never did any Qigong have played this CD in their headphones with mind blowing results.


Level-1 Qigong DVD

*40 minute Qigong Routine fills your body with energy
*Healing qigong Meditation - taoist stretching - natural qigong walking
*Special Effects Animation enhances "your" qi-energy dramatically
*Amazing Music facilitates sacred practice of qigong

This is a totally revolutionary Qigong Healing Energy Experience and WILL launch your practice into hyperdrive! Aside from the raw power of this Qigong Style on its own, when you watch this SPECTACULAR QIGONG DVD, your mind (visually) is given specific imagery that precisely teaches you how to increase the Qi-Energy in each movement. These animations go far beyond simple beauty... they increase the Qi-Energy you feel dramatically.

Having more Life-Force Energy is the #1 secret for maintaining a powerful Immune System. The Metabolism (Qi) is accelerated and you will feel the warm energy and blood pulsate through your arms & legs with increasing vigor each day. Over 10,000 people have studied this particular Qigong Routine in LIVE seminars and many seasoned experts have said it is the most powerful energy-medicine they've ever learned.

* SSQC Level-1 Qigong Healing DVD comes with two voice overs:
   (1) Traditional (2) Inspirational
* The amazing music of both versions offers a choice of teaching style and ambience.
* Taoist Stretching opens and unlocks every muscle and joint in your body.
* 5-Element Qigong Healing Meditation takes you deep into Breath-Based Visualization
* Natural Walking Qigong teaches you to walk around your neighborhood,
   while collecting Qi.



Qigong Level-2 DVD

*Includes Nine-Breath Method...the Most Powerful Breathing Exercise on Earth!
*Precise Detailed Instructions, Theory and Animations for Nine-Breath Method
*Full-Body Cleansing to Remove Blockages & Open Meridian Pathways
*Drawing the Bow to
  Increase Raw Physical Strength and "Projecting Qi" to Others

This video is beyond just Qi Powerful... it is a highly spiritual experience that you will enjoy practicing for a long time. We ultimately connect to the "True Source" of the Energy and learn to practice Qigong with our Spiritual Heart. The routine leaves you joyous afterwards and Includes the Nine-Breath Method along with breathtaking video from the Hubble Telescope.

For many years SSQC has created the very best Animations to teach Qigong on a level that has never been seen.

THIS VIDEO IS THE CROWN JEWEL OF OUR OFFERINGS. For the first time ever people can learn Nine-Breath Method from home without attending a workshop!!! How can such an advanced practice be learned from a DVD? Simple... We have used the most sophisticated Energy Animation to show how "Subtle Abdominal Movements" are the single most powerful tool to Pack Energy into your Dan Tien, increasing your internal energy reserves.

Aside from the Nine-Breath Method that has been taught LIVE in the USA to 10,000 people with RAVE REVIEWS... This video contains the beautiful and sacred Full-Body Cleansing Exercise. This is a highly spiritual routine that will chase away tension and stress from your body. The Drawing the Bow exercise will give you the "Light Warrior" power you need to kick down any obstacle in your path! Full-Body Spiraling draws energy from the Divine Source into the Pituitary Gland. In short, this video rocks the house and we know you will think so too!

* Incredible Music & Voice Over Guides you through this amazing Qi Healing Experience.
* 50 Min of Highlighted Seminar Footage Explains Theory & Concepts behind each exercise.
* 35 Min FULLY ANIMATED Level-2 Routine greatly deepens your connection to the Qi.
* Special Bonus Hands-on Healing Demonstration via Nine-Breath Method.


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