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Qigong, Breath & Meditation Workshop
Learn to dissolve stress and anxiety instantly through the graceful, moving meditation of Chi Gong, the foundation of Tai Chi.  Call by Dr. Oz, "The most powerful longevity exercise", Chi gong has been proven to improve balance, mental focus, sleep, blood pressure, blood sugar, aerobic capacity, digestion and immune system functioning.  In this transformative workshop, you'll learn two powerful Chi Gong exercise routines, and a phenomenal Pranayama breath practice, leaving you feeling inspired, motivated, enlightened and peaceful.

This workshop is for everyone (over the age of 10), regardless of your fitness level, or previous level of experience with ChiGong, Tai Chi, Yoga or Meditation.

We'll start with a brief introduction to the philosophy and principals of Chi Gong, then go into the Breath Empowerment exercise. This Pranayama style breathing, known as a sacred cleansing breath in India, is intended to flush stagnant energy from your body. Most people will experience tingling sensations moving throughout their body and a blissful altered state of consciousness. The desire to hug the whole world, afterward, is also common.

Next we'll do the 5 exercises of the Supreme Science Level-1 Qigong Healing Form: "Empty Force", "Cloud Hands", "Earth Hands", "Around The World", & "Push Hands". This form gives you a very strong feel for the Chi, allows you to tap into that meditative zen state, and introduces you to some of the moves used in more advanced forms.

After a break, we'll do the 7 exercises of Sunrise Chi Gong: "Assisting the Sunrise", "Swinging the Pendulum", "Caressing The Grain", "Swaying in the Breeze", "Palm Tree Bends in the Gale", "Chi Wave", "Weeping Willow", and "The Kicking Crane". This is a more flowing advanced form that takes your entire body through its full range of motion, is a bit more of a workout for the legs, but leaves your whole body feeling lose and energized, with your mind at ease.

When: Sunday, July 26th, 2015, 2:30pm - 5:30pm

:  Carpathia Collaborative
10260 N. Central Expy.
Suite 210
Dallas, TX 75231

Bring: Yoga mat, light blanket, and water bottle.

Wear: Clothing that permits easy freedom of movement.

Price: $45 @ the door
  $36 Pre-Registration

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For questions
, contact Michael Raphael (214-783-7210).


Sacred 9-Breath Intention Circle

This short workshop will educate, inspire and empower you!

Nine-Breath Method:No Question. Its the single most powerful Qigong Breathing Exercise on the Planet. Often advanced yoga experts of 30+ years experience have claimed the ENERGY is beyond anything else they have tried. And the best part is that it only takes 9 breaths... and you're there! The fact that it completely erases tension & mental clutter in a matter of seconds makes it the most powerful tool for your life journey.

It consists of Tumo Breathing, which is soft pressurization of Qi in the Dan Tien. It uses subtle manipulations of the abdomen to achieve the huge effects. Without going into too much detail, one uses 9 gentle pranayama style breaths to bring in large amounts of Qi and oxygen, then this Qi is absorbed, processed, and "Tumo-ed" out with a specialized exhale which sends the energy through every pore of the body leaving the user in a state of profound well being.

Nine-Breath Meditation Circle:What happens when a large group of people all hold hands and do Nine-Breath Method in a circle? The most moving energetic experience of your life!! A palpable electricity moves through everyone's hands as we vibrate together - Everyone feels it! After the energy is strong we send it out to our relatives that need healing and to all those who are suffering in the world. Actually... the Nine-Breath Circle is a journey into the deepest truth. The ultimate ALL IS ONE EXPERIENCE. Women have come out of this circle claiming it was better than sex. Others see a future hope for mankind where there was little before. We share Supreme Science Qigong Foundation's belief that this single practice can help Unite Humanity and move us towards the common goal of World Peace.

We'll start with a 30 min. class for those who are unfamiliar with the 9-breath techniques, before we begin the Hour-long circle. Michael Raphael (an experienced Certified Qigong Instructor and workshop facilitator) will teach the class and guide us through the intention circle.

When:  Sunday, March 30th, 2014
                                   1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Where:  House of Bread Spiritual Center
                       1925 N. 60th Ave.
                       Hollywood, FL 33021

FREE Parking - * Handicap Accessibility and Accommodations *

DIRECTIONS: House of Bread is located in the Lutheran Church on the East side of 441/SR7, there is plenty of parking in the back of the church.  * We are NOT affiliated with the Church... We hold space in the rear building of the church.  We have no ties with Religion doctrines.

* We are just north of Taft St.(north of the Toyota Dealer) on the east side of the road, directly across the McDonalds, You will see Lutheran Church, Go to the rear of the church and you'll see a large parking lot and the entrance door to our facility.

* If your traveling via the Turnpike, take the Hollywood exit go east (right turn) then go north on 60th Ave (same as US 441 & State Rd. 7) All 3 are one of the same. Sheridan St does NOT have a Turnpike exit. You MUST exit Hollywood Blvd. exit if traveling via the TP.

ALSO NOTE! State Rd 7, Rd. 441 and 60th Ave. are all one and the same!

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Price:  $10 Donation (All Love Offerings graciously accepted.)

For More Info., Please don't hesitate to call Felix (954-245-9104) @ House of Bread, or Michael (214-783-7210) of Zenfinity Massage and Wellness.


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