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After 2 years as a practitioner, Michael Raphael began teaching Qigong in January of 2009.  Prior to moving to Florida, he taught in Texas for two years, including large workshops in Dallas, Houston, and Austin, as well as regular weekly classes in Dallas, at locations including the Center for Spiritual Living and the Dallas Meditation Center.  He is Certified as a Level-2 Facilitator by the Supreme Science Qigong Center, to teach the Level-1 & Level-2 Qigong Healing Forms, as well as Advanced Qigong Breathing Techniques.  One of the qualities that is often most appreciated by his students is the way he explains this etherial art in rational and scientific terms, using a calming, meditative voice. While he is specific about practicing the forms correctly, he tries to allow new students time to learn the specifics on their own from listening and observing before he manually corrects their form.

Michael was a Medic in the U.S. Army, in the early '90's, and returned to the healing arts as a Massage Therapist, in 2006.  He sees teaching Qigong as an extension of his Life Purpose as a Facilitator of Healing.

Since moving to Miami in 2011, with his wife and two sons, he's taught Qigong  to several students at various beaches, the Yellow Green Farmer's Market in Hollywood, and most recently, the Chakra Samvara Center on Hibiscus Island.  He is looking forward to sharing Qigong with many new students in Community Centers and Yoga Studios throughout the Greater Miami area.  Michael is also available for private lessons at your location.

Michael and his wife, Roxanne are both Licensed Massage Therapists and owners of  Zenfinity Massage and Wellness, here in Miami, specializing in NeuroMuscular Realignment & Therapeutic Massage.

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